ISC Reverie Desiderata : Justification of the Title

Poem “DESIDERATA” by  Max Ehrmann
Question: Justify the title “Desiderata”.
Answer:  ” Desiderata “is a Latin word which means- desired things. The title of the poem is apt as it talks of the things desired to lead a happy and peaceful life.
   To make this world a beautiful place to live,some of the things desired are as follows-

  • Be quiet and calm in the noise of the world. Silence brings peace with it. The poet suggests to listen to your inner voice. Present your opinion calmly and without being rude listen to the others .Listen even to the dull and ignorant as they too have their experiences.
  • Try to avoid loud and aggressive persons who trouble your soul.
  • Do not compare yourself with others, as there are always some people more successful than you and also some less successful than you. So comparing yourself with such people can make yourself proud or bitter. Instead of focusing on others ,you should enjoy your achievements.
  • Focus on your career however humble it may be. With hard work and determination you can reach the top position in your career. Be aware of trickers as they can cheat you and let you down. But don’t be blind to the goodness of other people as the world is full of motivation also. 
  • Try to be yourself do not make presence of love, nor become cynical about it.
  • Strengthen yourself to face the future. But do not worry or be distressed by imagining future misfortune.
  • Be disciplined ,but at the same time, remain gentle to yourself.
  • Maintain peace with God and your innerself. Do not let the chaos and confusion of life affect you from within.
  • With all its fakeness, drudgery and shattered dreams,the world is still beautiful. Look at the world with a positive outlook, believe in its beauty, “be cheerful” and ” strive to be happy “.

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