ISC Desiderata : as a beacon light to lead a meaningful life


Question:  Analyse the poem “Desiderata “as a beacon light to lead a meaningful life?

Answer: A beacon light is a light which guide vehicles and warn them of danger. Similarly,’Desiderata’ is a poem by Max Ehrmann, that present a guideline to people on how to live a peaceful and meaningful life. We can say that” Desiderata” acts as a beacon light to lead a meaningful life.

         Desiderata not only preaches us “what to do” but also” how to do “.
Desiderata enlighten us on –

  • To be calm and quiet in this noisy world to get inner peace.

  • To listen our inner voice and voice our view clearly, calmly but not rudely. It also suggests us to listen to the dull and ignorant also as they have some experience of life.

  • To avoid aggressive and loud people as they are harmful for our soul.

  • Do not compare yourself with others, as it may cause you to be proud on your achievements or bitter on your failure compared to others. So just enjoy your achievements to lead a happy life.

  • Focus on your own career, however humble it may be. Be aware of tricky people as they let you down but at the same time do not be blind to the good qualities of some other people. They can motivate you.

  • Try to become yourself; do not fake love nor become cynical about it.

  • Strengthen yourself to face future difficulties, but do not worry or distressed yourself by imagining future misshappenings.

  • Maintain peace with God and and your innerself. Do not let the chaos and confusion of life affect you from within.

  • With all the fakeness, drudgery and shattered dreams, the world is still beautiful. Look at the world with a positive outlook, believe in its beauty, ” be cheerful ” and “strive to be happy. “

The poem thus offers a set of simple values ,which when followed  could make  human life much happier, peaceful and  worth living.

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