Ariel’s Intervention in the Conspiracy in Act 3 scene 2 of The Tempest : ISC Long Answer

 Ariel’s Intervention in Confusing the Conspirators: 

Question: How does Ariel intervene in Confusing the Conspirators in Act 3 Scene 2 of “The Tempest” ?
Answer : The trio – Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo are feeling very happy because of the wine which they have all been drinking. Caliban says that he would not merely serve  Stephano but also lick his shoes.
      At the same time Caliban never for a moment forgets the thought of revenge upon Prospero.
    In the meantime, Caliban and Trinculo, each being unable to stand the other, fall out and Stephano has to intervene.
   Ariel overhears the conversation between the three. Ariel invisible, enters just as Caliban is telling the men that he is subject to a tyrant,a sorcerer and tries to incite Stephano against Prospero. 
      Ariel decides to intervene and confuse the conspirators. So when Caliban claims that Prospero, the tyrant, has robbed him of his island which really belongs to him, Ariel in the voice of Trinculo says – 
    “You are lying. This island was never your property.”
    Caliban gets angry at the remark and addresses Trinculo that it is he who is lying and says that if he lies again, his brave master ( Stephano) will kill him.
     When Stephano asks Trinculo not to intervene or he will knock out some of his teeth, Trinculo is surprised and says that he has uttered no words.
    When Caliban tells Stephano that he can kill Prospero in his afternoon sleep, Ariel again in the voice of Trinculo says  “You are again telling a lie. You can not do so.” Thinking that these words are spoken by Trinculo, Caliban calls him a “motley clown” and a  “contemptible fool”. He requests Stephano to give a beating to the rude fellow.
    Drunkenly, they continue talking and Caliban tells them of his desire to get revenge against Prospero. Ariel continues to interrupt now and then with the words  “Thou liest”.
    Ariel’s ventriloquising ultimately makes Stephano lose his temper and beat Trinculo.
     Trinculo curses both Stephano and Caliban.
    This way Ariel, by means of his remarks, causes a quarrel between Stephano and Trinculo. Ariel satisfies his love of fun, by making them quarrel, Ariel has also the purpose of weakening and disuniting them and making them ridiculous.
    After Caliban has told his plan to kill Prospero in detail, Ariel plays a sweet tune. The three men feel surprised at somebody invisible playing a musical tune. Stephano begins to feel somewhat afraid because he can not see anybody playing music. Caliban assures them that the island is full of noises, sounds and sweet tunes which delight the listeners but causes no harm to anybody.
    Enchanted by the music, the trio – Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban – begin to follow the musical tone. Ariel lures  Calban  and his companions through bushes and shrubs in to a filthy pond beyond Prospero’s cell.

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