The Tempest : Ferdinand Miranda first meeting – Theme of love in The Tempest

 Ferdinand’s First Meeting with Miranda  : Act  1 Scene 2 

 Question : Give an account of Ferdinand’s meeting with Miranda. What is Prospero’s reaction on their meeting ?

 Answer : Ariel returns, luring Ferdinand,  King Alonso‘s son, with sweet music. Ferdinand believes his father has died during the storm and the words Ariel sings, reinforces this impression. Ferdinand arrives at the place close to Prospero’s  cell.

    Miranda is amazed to see him as she has seen no human being other than her father – Prospero or the deformed creature Caliban. She thinks that Ferdinand is a spirit while Ferdinand thinks that she is the goddess of the island. She tells him that she is not a goddess, she is just a simple girl. This delights the heart of Ferdinand. Ferdinand tells her that he is a prince and perhaps a king if his father is no more. Both fall in love with each other at first sight. Prospero watches them secretly and is happy as he wants them to fall in love with each other. Ferdinand promises to make Miranda the Queen of Naples.

    Prospero does not want his daughter to be conquered so easily, 

“lest too light winning / 

Make the prize light “

Prospero believes that, he need to cause a little  trouble between them, or else they’ll never appreciate the value of their love, so he pretends to be angry with him. He accuses him of not being heir to the throne of Naples as he claims, but a spy trying to steal the island from him. Prospero says he will put him in chains and give him sea – water to drink and dry roots to eat. When Ferdinand tries to resist, he casts a magic spell on him and renders him powerless.

     Miranda begs her father to release him, she tries to convince Prospero that such a handsome person can never be an evil – minded person, but Prospero ignores her and tells her to be quiet. 

   Prospero sets Ferdinand on the heavy task of carrying piling logs of wood. Miranda consoles Ferdinand in the absence of her father.  Ferdinand is so taken with Miranda that he accepts his imprisonment with these words – 

 “Might I but through my prison once a day /

  Behold this maid. All corners else o’ th’ earth/ 

Let liberty make use of. Space enough /

Have I in such a prison. “

   Ferdinand says that he does not mind his imprisonment if he gets the chance of seeing Miranda just once a day.

   They exit, Miranda pleading with her father and Prospero telling her not to make such a  fuss over Ferdinand.

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