The Tempest:Act 1 Scene 2 Question Answers

 The Tempest:  Prospero’s Supernatural powers

 Question : What does Prospero tell Miranda about his Supernatural powers ? What has made his raise the storm in the sea ?

Answer:  Prospero tells Miranda that he caused the storm through his magical powers. He has acquired his magical powers by the study of books of magic and other liberal arts.  He also discloses that several supernatural beings like Ariel are at his command.

      Prospero assures Miranda that he is protecting everyone who was onboard from harm with his magical powers, so she is not to worry.

     Prospero tells Miranda that he has a specific reason for raising the storm and that is to bring his enemies to him so that he may take his revenge.

     Then he recounts  the story of how they came to be on the island, a story which he has often started but never finished. Judging it to be the right time for Miranda to know her past, he bids her attendance to him. He tells her that he was once the Duke of Milan and famous for his great intelligence. He gradually became interested in the studies of magic and hence neglecting his duties as a duke. So he left the management of state affairs to his brother Antonio. 

      This gave his brother Antonio an opportunity to act on his ambition. He entered into an agreement with the King of Naples, to usurp Prospero of his dukedom. Antonio arranged for the King of Naples, Alonso, to pay him (Alonso) an annual tribute and Antonio would be a subordinate to him. 

    So one night, twelve years ago, the King of Naples helped Antonio raise an army to march on Milan, driving Prospero out. Prospero tells Miranda how he and his little daughter Miranda escaped from death at the hands of the army in a barely – seaworthy  boat prepared for him by his loyal subjects.

     Gonzalo, an honest Neapolitan, provided  them with food, fresh water and clothing as well as books from Prospero’s library.

    Having brought Miranda up to date on how she arrived at their current home, Prospero explains that sheer good luck has brought his former enemies to the island. 

     Prospero tells Miranda that all his enemies are in the ship. He assures her that he does not want to take their lives. He only intends to make them realise what a sinful act they did to harm him.


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