ISC Echoes “The Singing Lesson” : Question and Answers

 The Singing Lesson : By Katherine Mansfield

Question  Answers

Question:   Describe the narrative technique in ‘The Singing Lesson’ .


      Comment on the use of interior monologue in ‘The Singing Lesson’.

Question: Discuss various themes in the story”The Singing Lesson “by Katherine Mansfield.

Question: State the three characteristic traits of the protagonist of the story “The Singing Lesson”.

Question  : Katherine Mansfield through “The Singing Lesson” reveals that the point of grief affects everyone and not just the person directly involved. Discuss.

Question : Katherine Mansfield has successfully depicted the inner turmoil of Miss Meadows in the story “The Singing Lesson”. Discuss.

Question : What role does music played in the short story, ‘The Singing Lesson’ by Katherine Mansfield.

Question : How has Katherine Mansfield used symbols to depict Miss Meadows’ emotional state in the story “The Singing Lesson’.

Question : How appropriate is the title of the short story, “The Singing Lesson” ?

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