The Tempest : Character Sketch of Ferdinand

 Character Analysis of Ferdinand

       Ferdinand is the hero of the romantic plot in the story. Ferdinand is the son of Alonso, the king of Naples and heir of the kingdom of Naples. Some of his character traits are as follows – 

      •  Simple and Bold

      Ferdinand is one of the important character of “The Tempest”, whose simplicity and boldness charms us through out the play. He is a simple manly character. He is not shy and timid. Rather he is bold, confident and brave. He does not give in easily in the face of hardships. When Prspero for instance, threatens, him, he tells him boldly:

    ” I will resist such entertainment till

      Mine enemy has more powers.”

       • A True  Lover

         Ferdinand is deeply in love with Miranda. He falls in love with her at first sight. He says that, if he can have a glimpse of her , it would compensate him for all his hard work to which Prospero is subjecting him. He considers Miranda a goddess. He is a true and sincere lover. For the sake of his love for Miranda, he is willing to do a lower class job of carrying logs  of wood. Miranda can not bear to see him doing this hard job. She offers to share his hard labour, but Ferdinand refuses to take her help saying – 

    “No, precious creature;

     I had rather crack mu sinews, break my back,

    Then you should such dishonour undergo,

    When I sit lazy by.”

   Ferdinand is Willi to sacrifice his crown in order to stay on with Miranda. When Miranda in all her innocence, offers her hand to him in marriage,  he accepts the offer. He has been called  “goodly person” by Prospero,  “thing devine” and  “noble” by Miranda.

      •Affectionate Son 

       Ferdinand loved his father and was much attached to him. His sorrow for his father reflects his affectionate feelings and human grace. He says that, since he saw the ship wrecked, his eyes have not been  “at ebb”. Prospero speaks to him as  ” something staine’d  with grief “. When he meets his father he experiences a thrill of joy and kneels before him with a son’s devotion. 

      • His Courage and Strength 

       During the shipwreck, Ferdinand shows courage and presence of mind. He braves the fury of the waves . 

     He undergoes the hardship imposed upon him by Prospero and shows himself as a fearless and courageous man. Prospero says that Ferdinand has acquired Miranda by worthily passing the test to which he was subjected.

       •Religious Disposition

        He is inclined to be religious. He asks Miranda’s name so that he can include her name in his prayers. He loves her so much that his grief over the loss of his father is forgotten for the time being. He compares her with the women at the court and finds Miranda a perfect woman. 

          In short, Ferdinand is a simple, manly character. He has no duplicity in his nature. In his relationship with Miranda he displays loyalty, grace and self sacrifice.

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