ISC Reverie the spider and the fly : tricks of spider to trap the fly


The Spider and the Fly

Question: Discuss how the spider tricks the Fly into his web . What does this tale teach us ?

Answer: “The Spider and the Fly” is a poem written by Mary Howitt, which tells a tale of a cunning Spider ,who traps a naive fly through the use of seduction and flattery. Mary Howitt depicts that flattery is so powerful that people often turn towards it even after knowing its consequences.

         The spider initially tries to appeal to the fly’s sense of curiosity to lure her into his “prettiest parlour” ,he also says that it is filled with “many pretty things”. The Fly replies that it is futile to invite her because she knows that any body who goes in ,never comes out.

        The spider now attempts to endear himself to the fly and appeals to the fly’s weariness offering to tuck her into his comfortable bed. He also says –
there are pretty curtains drawn around and the sheets are fine and thin”

     The Fly responds in negative, because she has often heard that those who sleep on spider’s bed”never wake again “.
       The spider now plays another trick, he calls the day “his friend” and tries to assure the fly that he feels a warm affection for her. He tries to tempt her with the offer of nice food from his pantry. But his reputation as a dangerous insect deters her. She refuses to enter his home.
        Then the spider moves from appealing to comforts and directly flatters the fly calling her witty and wise. He appreciates her beautiful wings and brilliant eyes. He offers her to look upon herself in his mirror. The fly is quite flattered ,she not only thanks him for appreciating her but says she will call on him another day.
   “And bidding you good-morning now,I’ll call another day”
  The fly’s parting words indicates that she has been carried away with the spider’s flattering words. The Fly despite knowing the spider’s evil intentions and cunningness, falls into his trap.
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